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 Online troubles? Come here for some advice!

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PostSubject: Online troubles? Come here for some advice!   Thu Sep 25, 2008 11:30 am

How to Fix All Your Online Problems

Got online hassles? Feel the lag every time you get on? Having trouble connecting? Then this guide is for you!

There are a lot of problems with the current online system that Ninty has got going right now(Perhaps they should get servers that don't run on gamespy...) and until they fix it, we have to do something on our own. A lot of things can be done to seriously increase that speed and get your internet going faster than Sonic!

Warning: Be Careful With All Steps
1)Make sure you router is close enough to you Wii
Unless you're one of the few people in the world who is still using a cable to connect to the internet, you've probably got a router. You need to make sure that your Wii has 3 bars for the router. If not its too far away. You can gain more bars by adjusting the antenna or simply moving it closer.

2)Check to see if cheapskates are stealing your internet
We've all done it before, we've just gone onto someone else's network. Problem being that the more computers on one network, the slower it will be. Make sure that not too many people are on that network, and if they are, secure your network with a username and password.

3)Port Forwarding and You
The most effective way of increasing your connection speed is port forwarding. You see, when you first connect your Wii to the internet, its on a network called NAT3. This is a network that's protected, and thus those protections ultimately slow down your connection. You can fix this in two ways. One you can port forward, and two you can give your Wii a static IP and set it to DMZ to unprotect every port. The second option is HIGHLY unrecommended, as no one has proven that you can't make a network attack through a Wii.

The first way can be done through the following steps.
1. Find what router you have on www.portforward.com. Each router is different so make sure you have the right one.
2. Follow the directions provided for any given game. It doesn't really matter.
3. At some point, it will tell you to forward some number of ports. Instead of forwarding the ports that they outline, forward the following ports 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 80, and 443 on TCP and forward ALL ports on UDP
4. Congrats you're now port forwarded!
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Online troubles? Come here for some advice!
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