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 wierd dreams

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PostSubject: wierd dreams   Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:19 pm

so let's have a little share lol. tell us some of your strangest dreams. i'll get us started why not...

know what a night terror is? well i had one the other night. if you don't know what it is then google it, i don't feel like explaining, just know it's allot worse then some dumb nightmare.

it starts out i'm trying to sleep at home and somegirls come over talking their heads off, waking me up, and i am furious. throught the whole dream i was barely able to move, talk, or even breathe. so i followed them into the other room trying to tell them to shut up, but i ended up colapsing on the floor unconcious, as they KEEP TALKING. i woke up later to try to get them to stop again but i started to have a stroke. my body grew more encombered and still, my breathing actually did stop for some time, and the right side of my face felt like it was on fire. i struggled to move and speak for about 5 mins, all the while having those 2 ****ing girls laughing at me as i slowly started to die. i said to myself "this can't be real, WAKE UP!" and i did wake up eventually, at least i thought. basically in this second half of my dream the same situation continued making me more angry and scared every single time i colapsed, which was about 3 - 4 times throught the course of me trying to get the girls to stop laughing and yelling at me. eventually i was hit by a sudden burst of strength and was actually able to move my body. i picked up my tv, raised it over my head and threatened to throw it at someone in a last ditch effort to get everybody to leave me alone, but i quickly sank back into unconciousness, droping the tv and falling to the floor. i woke up AGAIN just to see my hand start to melt before my eyes, then oddly enough, i woke up for real. =/

when i woke up i saw two girls sitting across from me talking, which is probably what really got to me. dying, suffocating and blacking out several times in one night isn't as bad as it sounds, but when you're sleeping, thinking you're awake and then go to being awake, and thinking you're still trapped in a terrible dream... it's a ****ed up feeling to add to and already ****ed up experince.

i have more dreams like that, i tend to die allot when i sleep lol. i'll share another once i see some posts here.
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PostSubject: Re: wierd dreams   Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:05 pm

omg, my poor baby *hug u * u sure were scared weren't u *keeps hugging* that was some awfule dream u had but dont worry im here for u nothings going to happen *kiss*
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PostSubject: Re: wierd dreams   Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:07 pm

lol =P
it was messed up for about an hour after i woke up but i slept it off, no bigge.
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PostSubject: Re: wierd dreams   

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wierd dreams
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